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These special larger sized organic baroque freshwater pearls are the most perfect shade of blush Chanel pink. An exquisite compliment to the limited edition "KL" engraved onyx box clasp. The 'KL" is marked for Karl Lagerfeld, when he designed for Chanel. These onyx pieces were intially intended to be inset into cufflinks, but they never made it to production. I was able to snatch these up at an auction and have them made into these sterling silver box clasps many years ago. You may have seen them pop up in collections over the years. There are only a few left, so this is their last hoorah! Hand kontted with a blush pink silk cord, and measuring 16" in length. A collectors item for the discerning vintage jewelry admirer. 

Hand Knotted "KL" Large Baroque Blush Pearls N4002

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