100% of the profits of all “Rock On” pieces will be donated to the Mikayla Martin Memorial Fund. “The goal of the fund is to support young female athletes who are striving to do their best, who are loving their sport and who are inspiring both their teammates and their competitors." ~ www.alpinecanada.comhttps://www.gofundme.com/f/mikayla-martin-memorial-fundMikayla Martin was my 2nd cousin, and although we had only met a few times, her contagious zest for life left a lasting impression on me. Mikayla was a member of the Canadian Women’s Ski Cross Team. She was an incredible competitive athlete. Mikayla lost her life in a tragic mountain biking accident in Squamish, BC in October 2019. When you read the article and watch the video (linked below) - you will see the kind of woman Mikayla was ... strong, ambitious, dedicated and full of a zest for life that was totally contagious to those around her. https://alpinecanada.org/news/mikaylas-legacy-continues-to-inspire My hope is that the “rock on” charm will give comfort to all who wear it. May we remember that this was Mikayla’s motto...that in all we do...continue to rock on and shine on, living our life to the fullest! 

Rock On Necklace - Gold