This special bracelet is made with handmade beads by the Ashanti tribe in Ghana, Africa. They are made of a mixture of glass and sand. This bracelet is styled with brass bead spacers and an oversized oval push clasp. The bracelet measures 7" and is elastisized for easy wearing.

A little bit about Ashanti Talking Beads...

The Ashanti people are especially known for these Ashanti Talking Beads. Ashanti Talking Beads are worn for the purpose of communication. Strands of Ashanti talking beads come in many different colors. Each color on the talking bead strand has individual significance. It is said by the Ashanti people that when strands of talking beads knock against one another when worn, they make unique sounds and noises that only those among the Ashanti people can understand as language.

White Ashanti Clasped Elastic Bracelet - Gold (B1024)